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Your consulting and financing partner for the film and television industries

Established in 1928, Coficiné specialises in lending to the media and entertainment industries. We have particular expertise in film and television production finance and we are active in financing the most important film and television programmes on the market.

No. 1 in cinema and television credit and advisory services in France and Europe

Originally focused on the French market, Coficiné has long since diversified to include the rest of Europe, as well as Canada, Australia, South Africa and the United States, with local experts in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Scandinavia.


Key figures

1 Bn€

Almost one billion euros in managed loans


150 films per year


More than 1000 hours of TV programmes financed per year


1/3 of financed films are nominated and awarded at European festivals


Present in more than 15 countries

500 M€

More than 500 million euros in new loans every year

A wide range of specialized loans for your cultural projects

Crédit de production

Production loans

Crédit de distribution

Distribution loans

Crédit corporate

Corporate loans

Tailored loans for movie theaters construction and renovation

Financement des industries techniques de l'image et du son

Tailored loans for audio and visual technologies

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